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Cov Guard

Company Testing Service - COVID-19

Product Information

Covguard Company Testing Service supports employers, pro-sports teams and employees keeping people safe from Covid-19 

This bespoke service is provided using leading test kit technologies in conjunction with our best in class clinical partners and accredited private testing laboratories. 

Pro-active Screening - Weekly/ monthly screening to isolate and help to stop the spread of the virus through asymptomatic carriers.

Outbreak Control- Using our latest Rapid Antigen test we can provide results in 15 minutes to effectively isolate the infected population of a workforce. We can generally mobilise and implement next day - 7 days a week.

Covid Status- We offer a number of Antibody/ Antigen solutions to help classify your workforce into 2 groups- those who have had Covid/ those that haven't.

  • services designed to meet government guidelines at an affordable price 
  • keep your staff and organisation working & minimise downtime 
  • Tried and tested services - Currently testing thousands per week 
  • PCR, antigen and antibody testing capability for both small and large organisations 

Our technologies: 

  • PCR Antigen testing - take sample> send to lab 

Gives a snapshot of someone's status here and now - Positive/ negative result

  • Rapid Antigen-  rapid cassette test- Results in 15 minute

Gives a snapshot of someone's status here and now - Positive/ negative result

  • Rapid Antibody IgG/IgM cassette test- results in 15 minute

Shows if antibodies are present- see if someone has Cv-19 now or has had it in the past- Gives a history as well as present status.


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