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Types of Test for Cv-19

by Joe Tuckwell |

There are 3 types of tests currently used to detect COVID-19: Covguard provides them all.  See

  1. Reverse Transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction Test, or PCR test. The PCR test is used by hospitals and it detects the virus RNA. This test has a high level of accuracy but it doesn’t pick up all infections. This test needs specialised laboratory equipment and takes at least 2 hours for the result. Samples are taken from the nose and throat.
  2. Antigen Detection test – This is a portable test that again takes swabs from the throat and nose, these are placed in a sample tube which goes into the analyser. Results are within 10 minutes.
  3. Point of Care Antibody Detection tests – This involves i) a finger prick test in which a drop of blood is loaded onto a test cassette, drops of diluent are then added and results read 10 minutes later. Or ii) a testing strip is inserted into the portable analyser machine and results are available within 8 minutes.
  4. Lab Based Antbody Detection Tests - This involves taking a blood sample and sending to a laboratory for anaylsis. This takes circa 20 minutes once the samples reach the lab.

Please see the graph:

Black = COVID-19 RNA detectable    

Blue = COVID-19 surface antigens detectable          

Red = Patient Antibdodies detectable