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10 Reasons Why You Should Test

by Tony Booley |

  1. If you know you are infected you can isolate quickly and prevent the spread of infection
  2. You know you have had the infection, recovered and have antibodies 
  3. Identify "at risk" people/employees 
  4. Reduce potentially unnecessary self isolation 
  5. To better understand how the virus is spreading in a community 
  6. To predict future impact on a family, group, workforce or community 
  7. Enables tailoring of safety measures in the workplace such as social distancing  
  8. Enables close contact occupations to begin early and safely  
  9. Allows people to return to work more quickly when they know they have had the virus
  10. Allow people to return to normal activities more quickly when they know they aren't infected by CV-19 

The director general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “We cannot stop this pandemic if we do not know who is infected.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson echoed his assertion, stating in a video posed on Twitter: “I want to say a special word about testing, because it is so important and as I have said for weeks and weeks, this is the way through."

“This is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle. This is how we will defeat it in the end.”